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Don’t miss the newest data and technical innovations during the technical conference and professional development courses offered at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE), the wire harness manufacturing industry’s exclusive event for electrical wire harness, wire, coil winding and cable processing. Below you will find a sneak peek of the variety of content offered at EWPTE 2023.

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Trends in Automation and Digital Solutions for Wire Harness and EDS Systems

In this session George C. Tilli, Digital Product Manager, Komax Corporation will highlight the trends we are seeing in the industry surrounding automation and digitalization.

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Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing: Professional Development Course Offered at EWPTE

Improving Reliability of Continuity and HiPot Testing is a two-part professional development course offered at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo 2023 taught by Christopher E. Strangio, President and Founder, CAMI Research.

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The Effective Automation of Things: Technical Conference Session

What applications are suited for automation? And what must we consider when moving from semi-automatic to fully automatic production? In this session Rob Boyd, Head of Product Management, Schleuniger, Inc., covers how companies can improve efficiency and quality at the same time while also addressing the current labor shortage.