What’s New for 2022

Floor Plan

The exhibit hall floor plan will be reconfigured for 2022 by moving the lounge to the back of the exhibit hall to provide better traffic flow and allow more companies the opportunity to have their booths more centrally located in the exhibit hall. 

Booth Space Selection

Initial booth space selection will be conducted online May 12-13, 2021. Each company will be assigned a specific day and time for booth space selection which is based on a first-come, first-served basis from when the exhibit space application and deposit are received.  The floor plan for space selection will be drawn in advance and the booth inventory will be based on the booth sizes and configurations submitted from exhibitors through the exhibit space contract.  For more information on the initial booth space selection process, please visit: Booth Space Selection Guidelines.

Booth Configurations

All booths will be in increments of 10x10.  Odd booth configurations have been eliminated to maintain standard 10’ wide aisles.

Corner Booth Fees

The additional charge of $150 per corner has been eliminated.

Booth Space Rates

Booth space rates have been adjusted to eliminate the rate structure based on booth sizes that are under/over 400 square feet.  The same rate will apply whether the booth size is under or over 400 square feet.

The new rate structure is based on IPC/WHMA membership status to provide continued value for our members.  The rate structure also offers a discount for all companies who commit to participate in the event in early.  

Advance Rate - Up to March 31, 2021: Standard Rate - After March 31, 2021:
$16.00 per square foot, IPC/WHMA Member $18.00 per square foot, IPC/WHMA Member
$19.00 per square foot, Nonmember $21.00 per square foot, Nonmember

​​​​​​​For more information on IPC/WHMA membership visit: IPC-WHMA Membership | Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association

COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

As COVID-19 prevention guidelines continue to evolve, IPC/WHMA is working closely with the Wisconsin Center District and County Health Officials to determine what guidelines will be in place for the event such as, measures to ensure social distancing, masks protocols and steps to ensure cleaning and sanitization.  We will continue to keep you updated as these guidelines are finalized.