All items are due March 15, 2024 unless otherwise noted

Please find artwork specifications here.

Show Directory, Online Exhibit Hall and Event App Listings

All exhibitors will be included in the official show directory, the online exhibit hall and in the official show app with a complimentary listing to include company contact information, company description along with products/services categories and your company’s logo.  Instructions on how to submit this information electronically will be provided at a later date. 

Show Directory Advertising - Orders and Artwork due March 15, 2024

The show directory will be sized at 8 ½ x 11 for the 2024 event and will include your company’s logo complimentary. 

Maximize your show investment and draw more qualified prospects to your booth by in the official show directory.  The Show Directory is a proven, lasting resource for attendees. Best of all, the show directory is referenced throughout the year to seek needed suppliers, products and services. Reserve your advertising space today and enjoy referrals all year long!

Premium Positions

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Premium positions are sold on a first-come, first-served basis

Inside Front Cover          $925 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,155 Nonmember - SOLD

Inside Back Cover           $925 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,155 Nonmember - SOLD

Outside Back Cover        $975 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,215 Nonmember  - SOLD

Pullout Exhibitor Map (Includes: logo floor plan map and two full page 4-color ads) - SOLD


Additional Advertising Options

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Full Page Ad       $725 WHMA/IPC Member | $905 Nonmember

Half Page Ad      $425 WHMA/IPC Member | $530 Nonmember

Ad Space

Full page Ad Trim: 8.5"x11" Bleed: 9"x11.5" Live area: 8"x10.5" Type area: 7.5"x10"

Half page Ad Trim: 8.5"x5.5" Bleed: 9"x5" Live area: 8"x5" Type area: 7.5"x4.5

Additional Directory Listing

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$1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember 

Advertisement Board

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$1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

Your company’s custom designed meter board (1 m wide x 2.5 m high) is placed in a high traffic area in the exhibit delivering your message to purchase-authorizing professionals. All signs are two-sided. Space is limited.

Mobile Show Guide/APP, exclusive

SOLD, purchased by Wiring Harness News

$3,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $3,750 Nonmember

Put your banner ad in front of thousands of attendees on the homepage of the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo Show App.

Conference e-Brochure Digital Ads, exclusive - Orders and artwork due January 12, 2024

Sold, purchased by Komax Corporation

Full Page Ad              $2,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $2,500 Nonmember

Half Page Ad             $1,500 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,875 Nonmember

Increase your brand awareness by reaching the largest audience possible through a digital ad in the conference e-brochure. Your digital ad is expected to achieve 500,000 plus impressions from a global audience.  Full page, half page and quarter page ads available.

Preshow Email Banner Ads 

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Picture this — your company's large-tile banner in front of thousands of potential attendees and customers before the show even begins! Promote your company and increase visibility with budget-friendly banner advertising that will be incorporated into official Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo e-mail promotions.  Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis. Orders and artwork are due 10 days prior to schedule e-mail date.

Prospective Attendee E-mail Schedule:

E-mail #1 - January 18       $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

E-mail #2 - February 6        $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

E-mail #3 - February 22     $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

E-mail #4 - March 20         $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

E-mail #5 - April 17            $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

Email #6 - May 3                $1,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $1,250 Nonmember

Email Banner Ad Package

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$5,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $6,250 Nonmember

With the Email banner package, you will get an email banner on all the above listed emails and receive a discount.

Attendee Badge Barcode Letter – exclusive

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$2,000 WHMA/IPC Member | $2,500 Nonmember

Want to get your company name and logo in front of every attendee prior to the show? Your company's banner ad will be included on the attendee badge barcode letter which is electronically distributed to all pre-registered event attendees.  Most, if not all attendees print this letter and hand-carry it with them to the show!

Please find the artwork specifications here.