Online Space Selection for the Electrical Wire Porcessing Technology Expo 2023 will take place August 2-3, 2022, for companies that secured booth space by submitting a contract and 50% deposit by June 30, 2022 .

What do I do now?

Step 1 — View the Space Selection Schedule

View the Full Space Selection Schedule by Company

View the Space Selection Schedule by Date and Time

Times listed on the space selection schedule are Central Daylight Savings Time (Chicago). Be sure to visit the World Time Server to convert your time zone so you don’t miss the call!

A WHMA/IPC representative will call your company’s main contact (as designated on the contract submitted by your company) on your designated day at your designated time to select your booth space for the 2023 event.  Each company is assigned a dedicated time period to select a booth which is based on lottery order and cannot be changed. 

If WHMA/IPC is unable to reach your company’s main contact or your alternate contact at your assigned time period, WHMA/IPC reserves the right to assign your company’s booth based on availability at that time.

Step 2 — View the Floor Plan

View the LIVE FLOOR PLAN (Java Required) 

Please refer to the above LIVE FLOOR PLAN link during space selection to view the most current and up to date floor plan for booth availability. 

Please keep the following in mind as you select your booth space:

Exbibit Hall Access/Move-In
Halls A & B (aisles 200-900)         the earliest move-in will begin in these halls is Monday morning
Halls C & D (aisles 1000-1500)    the earliest move-in will begin in these halls Saturday afternoon

Please pay particular attention to the floor ports when selecting you booth space, especially if you require compressed air.  Electrical is available via both port types however, compressed air is only available via the rectangular shaped floor port. 


Electrical Only                               Electrical and Compressed Air

Step 3 — Select Your Booth Choices

Exhibit Hall Specs 

Since the floor plan and respective booth inventory are created based on contracts and deposits received, you may not increase or decrease from your contracted booth size during the initial booth space selection.  If you contracted for a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ booth space, the appropriate number of adjacent 10’x10’ booths may be combined for the proper configuration.  Please note: “end-caps” or horizontal booth configurations are not permitted for in-line booths.  All in-line booths must be configured vertically.  In addition, Island booths may not be divided or combined during initial booth space selection.   

Step 4 — Get Online

IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to be online viewing the LIVE FLOOR PLAN at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time period and have your choices ready in advance of WHMA/IPC’s call. 

The live floor plan will be updated with exhibitor names approximately every five minutes during the initial space selection process. Please remember to hit “refresh” periodically to ensure you are viewing the most up to date floor plan.

Booth Change Request Form 

A Booth Change Request Form  must be submitted by companies who wish to be placed on a waiting list for a potential booth relocation or for companies who wish to increase or decrease from the originally contracted booth size.

Please be patient, as not all changes can be made immediately.  You will be contacted as soon as your request can be accommodated. 

Please note, if WHMA/IPC contacts you for a booth relocation you will have 48 hours to respond and confirm the relocation.  If a response is not received within this timeframe, WHMA/IPC will move on to the next exhibitor on the booth relocation waitlist.

Thank you for selecting to exhibit in EWPTE 2023!  If you have any questions or need assistance with the booth space selection process, please contact any member of the IPC tradeshow team:

Kim Di Cianni, CEM
Director, Tradeshows & Events
+1 847-597-2823 Tel

Alicia Balonek, CEM
Senior Director, Tradeshows & Events
+1 847-597-2898