Please be sure to reach this in its entirety as it contains important information regarding move-in and move-out for EWPTE as the process has been modified.


Move in Deadline – please plan your travel accordingly. All booths must be occupied and completely set up by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Exceptions will be granted providing advance notification is sent to KimDiCianni@ipc.org. If notification of late move-in is not submitted in advance of move-in and space is not completely set by 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 the space will be considered abandoned, and Show Management will repurpose the space as they see fit.

Targeted Move-In
Exhibitor move-in for EWPTE is targeted, meaning each exhibitor will be assigned a specific move-in date and time in which their shipments can arrive.  Due to the high volume of exhibitor freight for this event, we use this systematic process for the receipt of freight and delivery to booths which is based on when WHMA/IPC obtains access to the exhibit halls, the location of booths in the exhibit hall and on specific exhibitor needs.  A scheduled target time means that your freight will begin to be unloaded at some point during your allotted time frame.  Refer to the target move in plan for the day and time scheduled for your booth.  Also please note:

  • A scheduled target time means that your freight will begin to be unloaded at some point during your allotted time frame.
  • DO NOT schedule installation labor until after your scheduled target time.

Target Confirmation Form –  Due April 24
This confirmation form is required for all exhibitors, regardless of booth size. This form can be accessed in the exhibitor services manual under the Shipping/Material Handling Tab by selecting Target Information.

Target Change Requests – Due April 24
If you would like to request a change to your assigned target date/time, please complete and return the target change request for, by April 24. All requests will be reviewed and responded to within one week of received request. Completion of this form does not automatically guarantee approval of request. We will attempt to honor all requests but may not be able to grant all requests due to logistical considerations, booth locations, dock availability and labor demands.

Off Target Shipments
If shipments are received outside of your assigned target move-in time, surcharges will apply.   All trucks delivering shipments to show site must arrive and check in at the marshaling yard 2 hours prior to the start of the target time. Additionally, trucks missing their target time will be unloaded on a first come, first serve basis after all the trucks are unloaded during their target time.

Marshalling Yard
Due to the growth of the show and the increase in exhibitor freight, we have secured a marshalling yard to expedite exhibitor move-in. Please note, all carriers, including Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) must first check-in at the marshalling and will be dispatched to the docks when dock space becomes available.


  • If you order carpeting from Shepard Exposition Services, your carpeting will be installed once the utilities are set and will be ready for your arrival providing your utility order and the utility placement diagram are submitted in advance.
  • If you’re shipping your own carpeting, please be sure it is loaded onto the trailer, so it is one of the first items off the trailer

Utilities – Due April 9

  • Please place your orders for utilities (compressed air, electrical, plumbing, etc.) by April 9 in order to ensure we have adequate labor scheduled well in advance of the show and to ensure your utilities are installed prior to your arrival for booth set up.
  • Please also submit the Utility Placement Diagram/Booth Map Template along with your utility order.
  • The Utility Placement Diagram/Booth Map Template can be found in the exhibitor service manual under the Utility & Ancillary Vendors/Facility Info Tab by selecting Facility Information.

Hanging Signs

  • If you need to hire labor to assemble your hanging sign, please be sure to place your labor order with Shepard Exposition Services by April 24.
  • Rigging/installation of hanging signs is handled by the facility. Rigging orders can be placed via the exhibitor service manual under the Utility & Ancillary Vendors/Facility Info tab. Submit your order by April 9 to receive the advance rate.
  • We strongly recommend you ship your hanging sign to the advance warehouse so it will be at your booth when you arrive on show site rather than waiting for it to be unloaded from the trailer. Please be sure your sign is labeled correctly with the advance shipping hanging sign label which is available in the exhibitor service manual. 
  • If you decide to ship your hanging sign direct to show site, please make sure the sign is loaded onto the trailer, so it is the first item off the trailer.

Special Material Handling Rates for Machinery
Due to the heavy equipment on display at EWPTE, discounted material handling rates are available for machinery.  In order to take advantage of this discount, be sure you do the following:

  1. Make sure machinery crates and/or skids are labeled with designated machinery label
  2. Use the special machinery material handling form
  3. Provide a copy of a certified weight ticket for your entire shipment
  4. Ensure your shipment arrives per your target move assigned time slot
  5. Review the machinery rate form in the exhibitor manual for additional details.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, EWPTE must be completely moved out of the exhibit hall by 12:00 pm on Friday, May 17 as another event takes possession of the hall for their move-in. As a result, and due to the complexity and time constraints there will be a targeted move-out for EWPTE to ensure the exhibit hall is completely cleared of all freight by our deadline.

  • All carriers, including Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) must be checked in at the marshalling yard by your assigned targeted move out time as indicated on the target move out plan (This does not mean you trucks be loaded at this time – they must be checked in by this time).
  • If your carrier is not checked in by your assigned target time, freight will begin to be rerouted to the advance warehouse.
  • Please note, return to warehouse charges will apply for any freight that is rerouted.  


  1. Contact your freight carrier before the close of the show to schedule a pick-up. All carriers must be checked in at the marshaling yard no later than your assigned target time as indicated on the move out plan.
  2. After your empty containers have been returned to your booth, pack, and label your freight for shipping. Shipping labels can be obtained on site from the Shepard Service Center.
  3. Complete the entire Order Form for Material Handling/ BOL that is emailed to each exhibitor prior to the event. You may also complete this information on site at the Shepard Service Center.
  4. Confirm all pieces are secured, clearly labeled, and ready to be moved to the loading dock.
  5. Bring the completed Order Form for Material Handing/BOL, one for each shipping destination, to the Shepard Service Center after the close of the show. Do Not leave the Order Form for Material Handling/ BOL in your booth. The form must be physically delivered to the Shepard Service Center.
  6. Once your carrier  checks in at the marshaling yard they will be issued a check-in number prior to proceeding to the dock.   
  7. The carrier will be dispatched to the dock as soon as dock space becomes available.
  8. After your freight is loaded, the driver will accept the Order Form for Material Handling/BOL, and your shipment is on its way to its destination.


  • Always take a photo of your completed forms.
  • If you need carrier specific labels (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.) you must provide them yourself and we advise printing them before you arrive on show site.
  • Always provide an additional exhibitor contact cell phone number on the Order Form for Material Handling/BOL in case the driver cannot be reached. It is important that this person is reachable and not enroute home on an airplane.
  • Use the official outbound shipping labels to avoid lost or misdirected freight.
  • Print your Material Handling Agreement (Bill-of-Lading) and Pre-Printed Shipping Labels for your outbound shipment prior to arriving on show site.
  • Take photos of the items you packed when they are ready for shipping in the booth for your records.
  • Wrap pallets and cases in shrink wrap to ensure shipment is not rewrapped by carriers.
  • Make sure high ticket items such as monitors are properly packaged to avoid damage and wrapped to disguise contents.